The School of Nursing is committed to ensure a healthy environment for ts students and will pursue all avenues to this regard.

Health Services

Student falling sick during their studies should notify their Supervisor, Educator, Dean of Students, Nurse-in-Charge or Wardens depending on their location at the time of illness. Hospital services within Paray Mission Hospital will be provided free of charge for students except when the students are admitted or dental services.
Students with special medical conditions that may prohibit them to partake in a variety of activities including catering services will need to provide proof of such to the Dean of Students on the orientation week for appropriate measures to be taken by the School.


Counselling services

The School of Nursing has a professional counsellor and spiritual director to offer psycho-social counselling for students. The counsellor and spiritual director are accessible at any time of the semester and strict confidentiality is maintained.

Sport and Recreation services

Students are supported in a variety of sporting activities in and around Paray School of Nursing. Through the Student Representative Council and the Lesotho Nursing Association-Student Chapter, the students from Paray School of Nursing participate annually in the Inter-Collaboration games held in some Schools of Nursing in Lesotho.

Student Representative Council (SRC)

The School of Nursing has a vibrant SRC, which co-ordinates non-academic student activities. The SRC works closely with the Dean of Students.