2018 graduation

Paray School of Nursing will be hosting this year graduation ceremony on the 2nd of November 2018. As we celebrate the end of the road for 2018 graduates, Paray School of Nursing would like to convey the following message to them that was written by ANEMONA HARTOCOLLIS AND STEPHANIE SAUL.

“Thousands of college graduates across the nation have gathered with families and friends over the past few weeks to mark not just receiving their certificates, diploma and degree, but a symbolic crossing from childhood to adulthood. Commencement speakers gave them their marching orders. If commencement speeches reflect the times we live in, then this year’s entries suggest the times are bleak.The common themes are almost biblical. Among them are resilience, overcoming adversity, not fearing failure and taking risks. But wait, graduates! Take heart, this year’s commencement sages go on to say. Just because you are leaving college in an uncertain job market during one of the most angry and unpredictable presidential election seasons in memory, and are quite possibly destined to return home to live with your parents, it does not mean that you will not ultimately profit from your experience of hardship and self-doubt. Do not give in to the forces of darkness and despair, the speakers urged the Class of 2018, for you will emerge stronger in the end.”

Paray School of Nursing wishes class 0f 2018 the best in their endeavor


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